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A curiosity for what’s around the next corner.

A desire to hear a person’s story.

A love for breathtaking landscapes.

A passion for adventure and exploration.


Do you crave long-term travel? Are you stuck trying to figure out how to go after your dreams?

Creative Travel Connections helps women experience our diverse world. Whatever your stage of life or career, it’s never too late to travel.

Julie, a full-time traveler for over five years, is at her best when she’s exploring places and cultures. Putting her flexibility and determined spirit to the test, she’s figured out how to live and work from anywhere in the world in her 40s. And she’s passionate about guiding other women on their journey to a life of wholeness.

Whether you’re ready to travel full-time or simply want to know how to start planning for a remote life, there’s something for you here.

Contact us for information on individual and group coaching sessions.

“Traveling with Creative Travel Connections is one of the best choices I’ve made! Julie is organized, while offering flexibility at the same time. She’s full of creative ideas to help you see the place you are visiting in a new way.”

Katie (Traveled to Greece, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong)

“I traveled with Creative Travel Connections the summer of 2017 and, honestly, would do it all over again! Every single aspect of the entire trip was top notch. That’s the highest recommendation I could give any tour.”

Jane (Traveled to Greece)

“I loved traveling to Italy with Julie, founder of Creative Travel Connections! She had great things planned but also left plenty of time to be flexible and to relax. Can’t wait to book travel with her again!”

Andrea (Traveled to Italy)