The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 8 – 4 Tips for Going Location Independent

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 8 – 4 Tips for Going Location Independent

This week, Julie reviews her four tips for going location independent. There are many ways to live a location independent lifestyle. You have probably heard the term nomad or digital nomad or, as Fiverr and Remote Year refer to individuals who work remotely, anywhere workers.

Julie’s Tips:

  1. Ask yourself questions that will help you determine if the location independent lifestyle is a good choice for you.

    • What is motivating you? What do you want more or less of?
    • Pros and cons list
    • Involve your spouse, partner, or children in this phase
  2. Determine your method of going location independent.

    • How will you make this happen?
    • How long do you want to try it out
  3. Destination(s). Decide where you are going.

    • Where do you want to go and for how long?
    • Don’t limit yourself to one place, necessarily
  4. Prepare yourself physically and mentally.

    • Unload your stuff and your “stuff”
    • What do you need vs what do you want?

Links mentioned in this episode:

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Going Location Independent

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