5 Tips for Travelers

5 Tips for Travelers

#1 Read More: Picking up a book about the place you’re going to visit is a great way to gain some insight into the culture. And don’t stick to “how to” books, read a novel about the destination. Just remember, book knowledge alone can’t prepare you for all you will encounter.

#2 Put Down Your Camera: Remember to take time to be fully present in your travels this year. I can’t count the number of times I’ve completely missed out on a great experience because I was too busy taking photos of it. Experience first, then take a few shots for Instagram.

#3 Talk to People: Strike up conversations at a restaurant, on a train, in line at a museum, and everywhere! Engaging with others along your way can be one of the most rewarding parts of travel. You can learn so much from fellow travelers and those that live in the location full-time.

#4 Wander Off the Beaten Path: Take side streets and look for restaurants by asking a person who lives there where to find the best local cuisine. In other words, take a break from TripAdvisor and you may just find hidden treasures!

#5 Travel Slow: Don’t rush your experiences…take your time and immerse yourself as much as possible. I’ve traveled too fast multiple times – it’s the weak link of my “go-go” personality. But I’ve learned that when I travel slow (e.g. staying in one city for a week versus trying to get to three in that time period) I truly travel. Slow down and engage all of your senses when you travel.

Safe travels! I would love to hear what destinations you’re going to and/or what tips you have for travelers. Drop a comment down below!

by Julie Slagter


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