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Creative Travel Connections is a resource guide full of inspiring and informative travel content. 

Hi, I’m Julie!

Julie Slagter Creative Travel Connections
Enjoying the Greek island of Santorini.

I help career-oriented individuals navigate a lifestyle of travel. As the founder of Creative Travel Connections, I’m at my best when exploring places and cultures and I’m motivated by watching others fulfill their dreams too.

If you’re looking for advice on where to travel or how to work from the road, I’d love to be your guide… 

By listening. I understand that change can be an adjustment. I’m good at helping you pinpoint the fear or anxiety that’s holding you back from the travel you dream about.

By being resourceful. I thrive on helping people identify their skills and available resources to make travel a lifestyle. From finding remote work to planning your first itinerary, I love to get in the weeds.

By motivating and encouraging you. I want you to succeed at being true to yourself. Everyone has a unique story. I’ll inspire and encourage you in helpful and positive ways to get you to your goal.

Learn more about our coaching services. Or if a guide isn’t what you’re looking for, our blog is an excellent place to find travel itineraries, tips on working remotely, and all sorts of tips and resources for exploring the world.

More About Me

SE Asia Travel
Visiting an elephant rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I’ve been traveling full-time for over six years. As a small business owner, I can work from anywhere as long as I have my computer and WiFi. The lifestyle allows me to meet new friends, experience things I never imagined were possible, and explore cultures in deep and rewarding ways.

I’m at my best when traveling. It makes me grateful, optimistic, and open-minded.

I’ve traveled extensively throughout Western and Eastern European countries, the UK, SE Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and 48 of the United States. I also resided for over a year in Athens, Greece, and over five months in Malaysia. And while I’m location-independent and home is many places, Michigan (USA) is my home base.

Professionally, I’m a travel coach, freelance writer, and small business owner. I’m certified as an Advanced Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Unconscious Bias Facilitator through the Cultural Intelligence Center. I’ve also led several week-long small group tours in Greece.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in international studies. I’m a published author and have contributed to writing projects on global issues. You can find my full bio on LinkedIn.


Why I Travel

I discovered my wanderlust when I was six years old, looking out the rearview window of the family Buick. Seven of us headed from Michigan to Florida in that big blue 1970s ride when seat belts weren’t required by law. My seat for the entire 24 hours was on the platform next to the back window.

Our family’s road trips soon expanded to more conducive vehicles, but my dad was at the helm of all our trips. He introduced me to geological wonders, various North American cultures, magnificent forests, architecture, and ocean life. If there’s one thing I inherited from my dad, it’s his wanderlust, and for that, I’m deeply grateful.

About Creative Travel ConnectionsThroughout my adult life, I’ve had the opportunity to experience numerous cultures worldwide, and my wanderlust has only grown. I can’t stop traveling!

I love sharing new things and meeting incredible people. Contributing to our diverse world and extending dignity and respect to all human beings is what drives me. And connecting travelers to different cultures and watching them further develop their view of the world brings me great joy.

I welcome you to join me on this journey!