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Julie Slagter, Founder of CTC

group travel tips

Group Travel Tips for a Successful Trip

Are you planning a vacation with friends or family? No matter the group, there tends to be a mixture of personalities and interests. That’s why you’ll find the group travel tips in this article helpful to ensure your trip runs smoothly. Let’s get into it! This article may contain affiliate links. How Do You Prepare for a Group Trip? Once...

all seasons packing

All Seasons Packing Tips

Are you planning a trip? Whatever time of year you’re traveling, we have all seasons packing tips to make your prep easy. Keep reading to learn things like where to put your valuables, how to keep your clothes from wrinkling, and more. How Do You Pack Clothing for All Seasons? Whether you’re traveling to a cold or warm climate, pack a wardrobe with layers...

Blue Waves Santorini

REVIEW: Blue Waves Hotel in Santorini

One of the many things to love about the island of Santorini is Blue Waves Hotel in Kamari Beach. It has charm, elegance, luxury, and a “feels like home” environment all wrapped into one. While you’ll find Blue Waves Hotel listed as a 2-star, this hotel is a 5-star experience. Blue Waves is a boutique hotel with rooms that reflect the cave settings of Santorini. The...

Santorini Greece

Avoid the Crowds of Santorini

Santorini is one of the most popular islands in the world. When you see photographs of Greece, you’ll likely come across an image of the island. This photogenic island has kept travelers intrigued for years and will for years to come. So how do you enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth and not be overrun by crowds? Keep reading for answers. Is...

santorini wine

The Wine of Santorini

Wine is plentiful throughout the country of Greece. From the Peloponnese peninsula region to Northern Greece, grapes are grown with care and distinction. You can find delightful wines anywhere in Greece, but Santorini wine is unique. Keep reading to learn what’s so special about Santorini wine and which are the best wineries to visit on the island. Raise your...

Greece Solo Travel

Is Greece Safe for Solo Travelers?

Greece is one of the best destinations for solo travelers. It’s generally safe and easy to navigate. And people are friendly and welcoming. That being said, there are places where you need to take precautions and a few other things to know about Greece solo travel. Let’s look at some travel tips! What Do I Need to Know Before Greece Solo Travel...

Ferries Between Greek Islands

How to Take Ferries Between Greek Islands

The most popular way to travel by sea in Greece is to take ferries between Greek islands. Some islands have airports, but many are only accessible by boat. Keep reading to learn how to navigate the ferry system in Greece and what to expect once you’re on board. All aboard, let’s dive in! What Are Greek Island Ferries? Ferries are the main source of...

Benefits of Travel

What Are 5 Benefits of Travel?

The benefits of travel may be obvious. But did you know that travel can improve your life emotionally and physically?  Keep reading to learn the scientifically proven ways travel can contribute to a better life. Let’s start by looking at why people seek to explore other places.  Why Do People Travel? People travel for a variety of reasons. Among them are...

Day Trips

Day Trips from Athens, Greece

There are budget-friendly day trips that are easily accessible from Athens, Greece. While the metropolis that is Athens can keep you occupied for days on end, you can explore more of Greece within hours. From island fun to historical tours, there are options for everyone. Keep reading for five of the best day trips from Athens. 1. Aegina The island of Aegina is a...