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  • Is Greece Safe for Solo Travelers?
    Greece is one of the best destinations for solo travelers. It’s generally safe and easy to navigate. And people are friendly and welcoming. That being said, there are places where you need to take precautions and a few other things to know about Greece solo travel. Let’s look at some […]
  • How to Take Ferries Between Greek Islands
    The most popular way to travel by sea in Greece is to take ferries between Greek islands. Some islands have airports, but many are only accessible by boat. Keep reading to learn how to navigate the ferry system in Greece and what to expect once you’re on board. All aboard, […]
  • What Are 5 Benefits of Travel?
    What Are 5 Benefits of Travel? The benefits of travel may be obvious. But did you know that travel can improve your life emotionally and physically?  Keep reading to learn the scientifically proven ways travel can contribute to a better life. Let’s start by looking at why people seek to […]
  • Group Vacation: Tips for a Successful Trip
    Are you planning a group vacation with friends or family? No matter the group, there’s sure to be a mixture of personalities and interests. Make sure that your vacation provides great memories for everyone by implementing some of these tips. Booking Your Group Vacation We recommend planning ahead to give […]
  • 5 Budget Travel Tips
    Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s right, I said it. Instead of worrying about your cash flow, there are ways to adjust how you travel to gain experiences and have a good time. Here are some budget travel tips to help you… 1. Find Inexpensive and Luxurious Accommodations When […]