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Remote Work

what does remote work mean

What Does Remote Work Mean?

The concept of working outside a traditional office has taken the global workforce by storm. But what does remote work mean?  Remote work, once seen as a niche arrangement, has evolved into a...

work life balance remote work

Work-Life Balance in a Remote Work Lifestyle

Traveling and working remotely can be thrilling. But can you have a work-life balance in a remote work lifestyle? Especially when traveling full-time? I provide answers in this article with real-life...


5 Tips for a Successful Remote Team

Do you have remote workers on your team? There is a growing amount of research that reveals the benefits of developing a remote team, including increased creativity and innovation. But with any team...

location independent

My First 60 Days

Being location independent for just over two months has already afforded me countless new experiences. It has been calming and exhilarating at the same time. And I have learned more about our world...