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Travel Tips

jet lag

How Long Does Jet Lag Last?

Jet lag is a challenge for travelers and frequent flyers. It’s a temporal hiccup that disrupts our internal body clocks as we traverse multiple time zones. In this article, we delve into jet...

group travel tips

Group Travel Tips for a Successful Trip

Are you planning a vacation with friends or family? No matter the group, there tends to be a mixture of personalities and interests. That’s why you’ll find the group travel tips in this...

all seasons packing

All Seasons Packing Tips

Are you planning a trip? Whatever time of year you’re traveling, we have all seasons packing tips to make your prep easy. Keep reading to learn things like where to put your valuables, how to...

Benefits of Travel

What Are 5 Benefits of Travel?

The benefits of travel may be obvious. But did you know that travel can improve your life emotionally and physically?  Keep reading to learn the scientifically proven ways travel can contribute...

Packing List for Europe

Packing List For Europe

A regular topic of conversation at Creative Travel Connections is THE PACKING LIST. What to pack and what not to pack. How to pack when only taking a carry-on for a two-week trip, and the packing...