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Tips for Connect Trips

Get ready for your Connect trip! We can’t wait to welcome you to your destination!

The following page provides you with resources to help you prepare for travel.

Pre-Trip Prep

  • Start walking to prep for your Connect trip. And remember to break-in any new shoes before your departure. Click here for a helpful article.
  • Remember to call your bank and/or credit card company to let them know where you’ll be traveling.
  • Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after arrival to your Connect trip destination.
  • Purchase travel insurance. We recommend using World Nomads (by clicking on the World Nomads link, you’ll go to our partner affiliate page for purchasing your insurance).


Air Travel and Sleep

  • Combatting jet lag. You will likely experience jet lag for the first couple days of your Connect trip. You can reduce jet lag by following some simple tips: 5 Tips for Sleeping on an Airplane

Specific Tips for Greece Connect

  • CLOTHING: Greeks dress “European” – slightly more dressy and trendy than dress in North America. The temperatures will be in the 80’s and 90’s in Athens and can be slightly cooler the islands. However, it is almost always full-sun all day long. Bring a long-sleeve option for the evening, as it may get slightly cooler.

    Athens: Be prepared to sweat (your room will have aircon) — it’s a big city with lots of concrete and marble stone and little room for breezes. But everybody is sweating so you’ll fit right in! Wear cotton or quick-dry clothes. Bring comfortable/broken-in walking shoes. Flip-flops are not recommended in Athens on the days we’re walking a lot, because the pavement is uneven and there are periodic hills.

    *We strongly advise against wearing clothes that have political affiliation or country flags on them. This is both for safety reasons and out of respect for others in the group that may have different views than yours.


  • SWIMMING: You’ll see all sorts of swim attire. There are very few nude beaches in Greece, but don’t be surprised if you see a few female tourists without their tops. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in for your bathing suit — no one cares or judges.


  • LUGGAGE: Given that we’re moving around a few times, we recommend trying to pack in a carry-on suitcase or small-medium checked bag and then carry-on your purse or small bag. This suggestion will help you in terms of comfort and ease on potentially rough terrain and stairs.


  • SKIN PROTECTION: Sunscreen and sunglasses (and a hat if you prefer) are highly recommended for the entire trip. But don’t worry, if you forget anything you can purchase it in Greece.