Gift Ideas for Travelers

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Check out 5 of my favorite travel accessory gift ideas…

1. Travel Cubes keep your clothes organized in a suitcase. They’re a helpful travel accessory for those on the go!

2. I love my MoKo iPad case and stand! It’s been through everything and remains sturdy and functional.

3. Travelon Bags. These anti-theft travel bags are roomy and high quality. I have a cross-body for everyday use and a laptop bag.

4. A Luggage Scale can save a lot of money at the airport check-in counter. Many airlines now charge more for overweight bags at the counter versus what you pay online. It’s the perfect, inexpensive gift for travelers.

5. Eplas are absolutely my favorite water bottles! I found these when I was in Malaysia and I’m sticking with them. They’re BPA free, light, and easy to take along.

Give one of these travel accessories to a traveler in your life or take them on your next adventure!

by Julie Slagter

Travel Gift Ideas

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