Greece Solo Female Travel

Greece Solo Female Travel

Never would I have ever thought of Greece as being an unsafe place to travel solo to for a female. However, I belong to a Greece travel group on Facebook, and this topic comes up frequently. I am here to tell you that Greece is safe for a solo female traveler. Solo is the only way I have traveled to Greece!

Safety in Athens, Greece

On your first visit to Athens, you may feel that it is unsafe. Athens feels a little rough around the edges, and there is graffiti/street art everywhere. For the most part, you have nothing to worry about. It is just like any major city around the world; you just need to be aware and not look like a tourist.

That being said, pickpockets can be an issue in Athens. This is mostly on the metro. They are very good at this, and you might not even notice until it is too late. Keep your valuables on you and your hand on them at all times. Make sure your bags are zipped, and your luggage is locked. Another new trend I have read about is people coming up to your table with a sign that blocks the cell phone you have put on the table. While you are trying to get them to go away, they steal the phone.

Cross the streets with care in Athens. The drivers will rarely give you the right of way, and the crossing lights can be short.

Safety on the Greek Ferries

The first time I took a Greek ferry, I was nervous about leaving my luggage in the ferry hold. However, I had nothing to worry about. Leaving your carry-on luggage for a short amount of time is also okay and as a solo traveler is unavoidable. If you want, ask a friendly Greek family to watch your bags. I have never had anything stolen from me on a Greek ferry.

It is also safe to take the Greek ferry at night solo. Just make sure you know where you are going or have transportation arranged when you arrive at your destination. Most hotels will arrange a pick-up at the port or tell you the best way to reach them.

Safety on the Greek Islands

The Greek islands are probably one of the safest places in the world. I have wandered the streets of the islands at all hours and never had a problem. The only place this might not apply is Mykonos. I am not sure how this party island is at night. Again, use your common sense here, and you should be fine. Greeks are late-night people, so it is unlikely you will ever be out late alone.

On the beaches, you should be okay to bring money, your phone, and a small device. I have even seen little lockers on umbrellas. I don’t wave around my money or gadgets, but again I have always been fine on a Greek beach.

By Tiffany Schureman from A Girl and Her Passport

Greece Solo Female Travel

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