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all seasons packing

All Seasons Packing Tips

Are you planning a trip? Whatever time of year you’re traveling, we have all seasons packing tips to make your prep easy. Keep reading to learn things like where to put your valuables, how to keep your clothes from wrinkling, and more.

How Do You Pack Clothing for All Seasons?

Whether you’re traveling to a cold or warm climate, pack a wardrobe with layers for any season. If it’s winter, multiple layers will ensure you’re warm when outdoors. And you can remove clothing items when in a heated building or when exercising.

For warm climates, pack clothing with light and breathable materials. Cotton is the best option; it drys easily and keeps you cool. But even in warm seasons and climates, pack layers so you can add clothing when in air conditioning or on cool evenings. For example, if you’re visiting a desert destination, it can be extremely hot during the day but chilly at night. So, you’ll likely want a sweater or jacket once the sun goes down.

All Seasons Packing Tips

You can make your packing efficient when you implement practical tips. And these practices will likely become a habit quickly so that your travels will be smooth from here on out.

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Luggage for Air Travel

Before you pack, look up your airline’s baggage policies. Know how much your luggage can weigh and the airline’s size limits, and double-check bag fees before packing. Then, determine if you’ll bring a carry-on or check a bag. Remember that there are restrictions for what you can and can’t have in your carry-on, so note those items from your airline’s website.

carry-on bag on airplane
Check your airline’s policies for carry-on luggage weight and size limits.

Packing Checklist

Making a packing list of everything you want to bring with you two weeks before your departure can help get you organized. It also saves you from having to do last-minute scrambling. And gives you ample time to make any necessary travel gear purchases. Remember that, depending on your destination, you can usually purchase items such as toiletries upon arrival. This will alleviate some room and weight in your baggage.

Download the free Creative Travel Packing Checklist!

rolled clothes in suitcase
Rolling your clothes saves room in your suitcase and prevents them from wrinkling.

Roll Your Clothes and Use Packing Cubes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them saves a significant amount of room. It can also prevent certain fabrics from wrinkling. And it’s a huge benefit for all seasons packing to help squish in more sweaters for cold climates or cool evenings.

In addition, putting your rolled clothes in packing cubes helps save space and keeps your clothes organized. You can even pack based on outfits. For example, put Monday’s outfit in one packing cube, Tuesday’s outfit in another, etc. This helps reduce time figuring out what to wear daily, especially if you’re on a short trip or moving frequently and don’t plan to unpack your bag completely.

person wearing a money belt for travel
Wearing a money belt is a good way to keep your passport, credit cards, and cash secure during travel.

Keep Your Valuables Close

Always keep your valuables close, whether traveling by air or otherwise. For example, put your passport, money, jewelry, medication, and electronics in your carry-on bags. A checked bag could get lost or, on rare occasions, stolen.

When traveling by air, I prefer to keep my valuables in my computer bag. That way, if my carry-on suitcase has to get checked at the last minute, I know my computer bag can stay with me and it has my valuables inside already. Some people also like to wear a money belt.

I also recommend carrying very minimal cash with you on trips. If you’re traveling somewhere with a different currency, use a debit card to take cash out upon arrival at your destination. You’ll also get a better exchange rate at ATMs versus exchanging cash.

If you’re traveling on an airplane with sports equipment, musical instruments, or any other type of valuable equipment that is too big to fit in the cabin, be sure to talk with the airline about handling the items with special care. In addition, if you’re taking pets on a plane, be sure to read the airline’s policies thoroughly before you fly.

travel packing tips
International travel requires a few additional packing tips to keep in mind.

What To Pack for International Travel?

Your passport and any necessary visas are at the top of your all seasons international travel packing list. Passports are required to be valid for six months from the date of arrival at your destination. Double and triple-check at least four weeks before your departure to be sure it’s valid. If it is set to expire within six months, you can be denied entry into a different country. You don’t want to get off a long flight only to be sent back home!

Make two colored copies of your passport. Give one to an emergency contact not traveling with you, and take one with you. Once you arrive at your destination, store the copy in a room safe if you have one, or hide it somewhere in your luggage. Carry your original passport with you when you’re out and about, as it’s an official form of identification.

Let your bank and credit card companies know the dates and locations you’ll be traveling. This is so they don’t lock your account for charges outside your country. Even if you’re traveling domestically, your bank may lock your account for unusual activity in a different city if you don’t inform them of your travels.

Carry any emergency phone numbers with you on a piece of paper. Given that we rely heavily on our mobile phones, having essential numbers on paper may save you if you don’t have service or your phone is stolen. Also, review how to call the police or a hospital when traveling internationally. Remember, not every country has the same emergency numbers as yours.

Get Ready for Your Next Trip

After using the all seasons packing tips in this article, you can travel with ease. I’m a big believer in efficiency to help keep trips low-stress.

Which of these tips have you tried? Leave a comment below to share how it worked for you.