This is a helpful place to narrow down your search for the best travel booking sites. Check out The Best Travel Sites of 2018 - generated by extensive research.

Rental Cars


Expedia and Hotwire are our go-to sites to hire a car. But we find that due to the number of booking sites available, you typically find comparable pricing across sites for your destination. Just remember that sometimes booking sites don’t include extra fees that you will need to pay when you pick-up the car. Always read the fine print before booking anything.



TripAdvisor is a great resource for finding hotels, because it provides you with pricing on multiple booking sites for a particular property and saves you the search time.



Airbnb is an excellent way to stay in a neighborhood versus a touristy area. You can often find a better deal on Airbnb versus a traditional hotel, but be aware that due to Airbnb’s growing popularity prices in popular areas are going up.

Google Flights


We recommend starting with Google Flights to get an overall picture of what your itinerary may cost. From there, start looking at third party sites and the airline’s website. Sometimes you can find the best deal directly from the airline.

Your Airline


The airline you’re flying with likely has an app and you can set notifications to ensure you get real time flight delays or changes.