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The most common travel setbacks can be avoided by keeping some key things in mind. Based on experience and research, our ever-growing catalog of creative travel tips will help you experience places and cultures.



You can easily contact your Airbnb host through the app or look up lodging options while on the road.


Dark Sky

This is a convenient weather app that gives you location specific weather information and the big picture of temps, etc. within regions.


Find Friends

With this app, you can allow friends to know your location. This is a great “safety app” in case someone needs to find you.


Google Maps

Works most places and details out for you bus/metro routes, walking and driving routes.



Allows you to hire a car and pay via the app or in cash. Grab is typically cheaper than using a taxi.



Allows you to hire a car and pay via the app. It’s like having a personal driver - remember to strike up a conversation with the driver as part of your travel experience!



If you’re driving in some places in the U.S., this app allows you to pay for parking meters and keep the meter fed from any location.


Units Plus

It has a currency converter as well as a speed, temperature, time, volume, pressure, fuel-mileage, length, and weight converter.



When traveling outside of your country, this app allows you to text and make calls without being charged international rates.


Your Airline

The airline you’re flying with likely has an app and you can set notifications to ensure you get real time flight delays or changes.


Google Flights

We recommend starting with Google Flights to get an overall picture of what your itinerary may cost. From there, start looking at third party sites and the airline’s website. Sometimes you can find the best deal directly from the airline.


Scott’s Cheap Flights

We also recommend following Scott’s Cheap Flights on Twitter. They are constantly searching for flight deals and making their findings public.



Airbnb is an excellent way to stay in a neighborhood versus a touristy area. You can often find a better deal on Airbnb versus a traditional hotel, but be aware that due to Airbnb’s growing popularity prices in popular areas are going up.



TripAdvisor is a great resource for finding hotels, because it provides you with pricing on multiple booking sites for a particular property and saves you the search time.


Rental Cars

Expedia and Hotwire are our go-to sites to hire a car. But we find that due to the number of booking sites available, you typically find comparable pricing across sites for your destination. Just remember that sometimes booking sites don’t include extra fees that you will need to pay when you pick-up the car. Always read the fine print before booking anything.



This is a helpful place to narrow down your search for the best travel booking sites. Check out The Best Travel Sites of 2018 - generated by Reviews.com extensive research.