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Resources for Roaming Professionals

Location Independence: A lifestyle that allows you to live and work from anywhere.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, run your business from the road, work remotely a few times a year, travel the world as a volunteer, are retired and travel full-time, or are interested in learning more about the location independent lifestyle…we provide opportunities to learn, share, and inspire.

Get involved…

  • The Nomad Narratives Podcast: Stories from people living location independent, entrepreneurs, travelers, and all sorts of interesting humans.
  • The Roaming Pro: A community and resource hub for location independent professionals who work beyond the traditional 9 to 5 office space. Pose questions about your business and get input from experts, attend virtual courses, share in affinity groups, and more. Contact us to join this exclusive, member-only network.
  • Other resources for your travels or location independent lifestyle.