Destination Package – Sample

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Sample Destination Package


Traveler Profile: Jordan is planning a 3-day trip with his wife, Angie. They want to go somewhere in the Southwest U.S. between January and March. They prefer a mountain or desert setting and mild or cool temperatures. They like to hike, but also want to visit a spa.

They completed CTC’s Destination Package travel assessment.

The following 3 destinations were recommended to Jordan and Angie…

Recommendation #1: Desert Hot Springs, California

You will have the best of both worlds – spas and hiking. Joshua Tree National Park’s desert wilderness is nearby. Hiking through Joshua Tree, you’ll experience geological wonders as well as a variety of plants and animals. The park also offers rock climbing opportunities. After a day of hiking, relax at a spa retreat in Desert Hot Springs. Temperatures in Fahrenheit: Jan (30’s-40’s), Feb (40’s-60’s), March (40’s-60’s).

Recommendation #2: Sedona, Arizona

Sedona will give you a variety of experiences and access to some of the most beautiful and inspiring locations in the U.S. Being based among the red rocks of Sedona, you’ll be able to take a day trip up to the Grand Canyon. You will also have your pick of spas in the area. Temperatures in Fahrenheit: Jan (30’s-40’s), Feb (40’s-60’s), March (40’s-60’s).

Recommendation #3: Carlsbad, New Mexico

This area has beautiful mountains and the flat Chihuahuan Desert. There are two national parks nearby for hiking – Guadalupe Mountains (in Texas) and Carlsbad Caverns, one of the most famous cave systems in the world. Temperatures in Fahrenheit: Jan (30’s-40’s), Feb (40’s-50’s), March (50’s-60’s).

*Customers who purchase the Destination Package also receive a link to a map of the locations recommended and other links about general information in the area.