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We’re a Travel Agency

I'm excited to announce that we're now a full-service travel agency! After over a year of uncertainty in the travel industry, Creative Travel Connections is back. The world is slowly beginning to open up to travelers, and people are ready to get out there and explore. And I can't wait to help you experience safe and happy travels. Keep reading to find out what led [...]

Group Vacation: Tips for a Successful Trip

Are you planning a group vacation with friends or family? No matter the group, there's sure to be a mixture of personalities and interests. Make sure that your vacation provides great memories for everyone by implementing some of these tips. Booking Your Group Vacation We recommend planning ahead to give everyone an opportunity to have a say. Designate one or [...]

5 Budget Travel Tips

Travel doesn't have to be expensive. That's right, I said it. Instead of worrying about your cash flow, there are ways to adjust how you travel to gain experiences and have a good time. Here are some budget travel tips to help you... 1. Find Inexpensive and Luxurious Accommodations When you think of budget travel, sub-par lodging options probably come to mind. But you [...]

Packing List For Europe

A regular topic of conversation at Creative Travel Connections is: THE PACKING LIST. What to pack and what not to pack. How to pack when only taking a carry-on for a two-week trip, and the packing conversation goes on. We geek-out about packing cubes and we love our "spinner" suitcases - you know, the kind with four wheels. For all [...]

Day Trips from Athens, Greece

There are budget-friendly day trips that are easily accessible from Athens, Greece. While the metropolis that is Athens can keep you occupied for days on end, you can explore more of Greece within hours. From island fun to historical tours, there are options for everyone. The following are our top five favorite day trips from Athens: 1. Aegina The island [...]

Beautiful Italy – Bella Italia

I have traveled to over forty-eight countries and six continents. I love to devour nuggets of little-known facts and historical details. These tidbits become as rewarding as a treasure hunt. As a history teacher, I file these hidden gems away into my human hard drive. There is one country that captures my heart and imagination over and over again - beautiful Italy! Whether I [...]

Greek Vegan Food Guide

Our friend, The Nomadic Vegan, put together an incredible list of Greek vegan food and has graciously allowed us to share it here. Guest blog post by: Wendy, The Nomadic Vegan Greece is full of delicious vegan food! You will find a huge selection of naturally vegan dishes in traditional Greek cuisine. This can be partly attributed to the nature of Mediterranean cuisine in general, [...]

Travel Tours To Greece

It's not a secret that we love Greece. Our travel tours to Greece are one of kind. We go behind the scenes and take a deep dive into Greek culture. Yes, we make sure you see all the popular attractions but then we go the extra mile. From traditional meals and cheese tasting to hidden wine cellars...your experiences will leave you wanting to cancel [...]

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