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5 Reasons To Go on Small Group Travel Tours

Solo travel is on the rise, especially among women. However, the desire to travel solo doesn’t necessarily mean going at it all alone. Small group travel tours are ways to connect with other travelers and cultures. Small group travel tours also provide opportunities for individuals who want to travel but don’t have a friend or spouse or partner that has a desire to travel. [...]

Dreamy Italy Hilltop Towns

After seeing the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun, circa 2003, Italy was immediately added to my must-visit list. I pictured the country as a dreamy place with sunflowers and wine and handsome Italian men. Can you visualize it?! Italy lived up to the hype on my first visit there in 2007. I flew into Milan with a couple of friends. [...]

Travel Tips: Free Holiday Lights Tour at Disney World

Looking for some low budget fun at Walt Disney World® in Orlando, Florida this month? Here are our travel tips for a self-guided tour to experience the magic and holiday lights for FREE! Download the My Disney Experience app (it’s free) to navigate throughout Walt Disney World. Travel Tips - Step 1 Start at Disney Springs in the late afternoon – we recommend getting [...]

Work-Life Balance While Remote

I had just completed a long work trip in Europe and in an exhausted voice exclaimed to an acquaintance, “I need a vacation!” She quickly replied back, “What do you mean? You were just on vacation.” Believe it or not, she’s not the first person that has said this to me. Working remotely has great perks and I travel to [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 11 – An Interview with Julie Slagter

Today on the Nomad Narratives podcast, Julie Slagter shares her nomad narrative! Meaghan Pear, who was a guest on an earlier episode, interviews Julie about her location independent lifestyle and work with Creative Travel Creations. From Julie: I discovered my wanderlust when I was 6 years old looking out the rear view window of the family Buick. With seven of us headed from Michigan [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 10 – Tiffany Schureman: A Girl and Her Passport

This week, Julie interviews Tiffany Schureman, an expat and the blogger behind A Girl and Her Passport. Tiffany has led an interesting career. She has lived in the Caribbean, Qatar, and now in Greece. Tiffany and Julie talk about everything from life as an expat life, to culture, perspective-taking, and so much more. Here is Tiffany's nomad narrative! Other things we talk about in [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 9 – Travel Safety Tips

This week, Julie's talking about some very important travel safety tips, applicable to any emergency that might arise when you're traveling. Julie's travel safety tips: NOTE: Remember, these travel safety tips are just suggestions and a good rule of thumb when traveling.  Stay calm Know where the exits are Know the emergency phone service lines Have a travel-sized First Aid Kit with you at [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 8 – 4 Tips for Going Location Independent

This week, Julie reviews her four tips for going location independent. There are many ways to live a location independent lifestyle. You have probably heard the term nomad or digital nomad or, as Fiverr and Remote Year refer to individuals who work remotely, anywhere workers. Julie's Tips: Ask yourself questions that will help you determine if the location independent lifestyle is a good choice for [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 7 – The Nomadic Vegan: Eating Plant-based While Traveling

In this episode, Julie talks with Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan. Whether you eat a plant-based diet or not, you will find Wendy’s nomad narrative to be inspiring and fascinating. Wendy has visited over 100 countries, has worked as a tour guide, and is a translator for the U.N. She combines her passion for travel, veganism, and language to show others how fun [...]

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