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The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 6 – Customer Experience: How To Provide Exceptional CX While Working Remotely

In this week's episode, Julie interviews Meahgan Pear on how to provide an exceptional customer experience while working remotely. Meaghan is a customer service guru - she knows what's it's like to work with customers virtually and this week she lends her tips and experience. In this episode we discuss… How to provide outstanding customer service even when you're working remotely The importance of [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 5 – Scott’s Cheap Flights: A Conversation with Scott

This week’s episode of The Nomad Narratives is all about air travel. Julie interviews Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights. They talk about Scott's (and Julie’s!) obsession with finding the best flight deal possible. Scott also shares from his experience as an entrepreneur and what advice he has for others launching a start-up. In this episode we discuss… How Scott’s Cheap Flights began [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 4 – RV Love: Exploring the U.S. in a Home and Office on Wheels

Marc and Julie Bennett, founders of RV Love, live and work location independent while traveling the U.S. in a motorhome. In this week’s episode, Julie Slagter interviews them about RVing and working remotely in their home and office on wheels. They also discuss why Marc and Julie created RV Love and their advice for other dreamers and entrepreneurs. They even give us the inside [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 3 – Amanda Bates: Founder and Creative Director at The Black Expat

In this episode, we get to hear Amanda Bates’ nomad narrative. Julie talks with Amanda about identity, culture, travel, and why she founded The Black Expat. In this episode we discuss… Amanda’s upbringing as a third culture kid (TCK) How The Black Expat is helping people with a black identity travel more and providing a stage for people to share their narratives Amanda’s advice [...]

5 Tips for a Successful Remote Team

Do you have remote workers on your team? There is a growing amount of research that reveals the benefits of developing a remote team, including increased creativity and innovation. But with any team, there are also potential challenges that can arise. If your team has one or more remote workers it is important to have best practices in place to set your remote team [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 2 – Remote Year: Live and Work in a Different City Each Month

In this episode, Julie interviews Emily Moyer, Head of Brand and Content at Remote Year. We discuss how Remote Year seeks to help people explore the world while remaining successful in their career, including how to live and work in a different city each month. We learn the benefits for both individuals and their employers. And we hear Emily’s personal nomad narrative! In this [...]

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 1 – The Wallace Reboot: Living Location Independent x 6

Welcome to the first episode of The Nomad Narratives Podcast! On our first episode, Julie interviews Wally and Tamara Wallace from The Wallace Reboot. They are living a location independent lifestyle with four of their children. For the last year, the family of six has been traveling throughout Europe and “world schooling” each step of the way. In this episode we discuss… What it’s [...]

Announcment: We’re launching a Podcast!

Podcast Launch Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 The Nomad Narratives podcast connects you with people who are making a difference in our world. Guests include travelers, people living a location independent lifestyle, entrepreneurs, and others. We can't wait for you to listen to their narratives! New episodes out every Tuesday!  Find us on ITunes, Stitcher, and Sound Cloud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jEOP9hZkfE&feature=youtu.be [...]

Packing Tips

Air Travel Packing Tips…  Baggage Allowance Look up your airline’s baggage policies. Know how much your luggage can weigh, what size limits the airline has, and double check bag fees before packing. Remember that there are restrictions for what you can and can’t have in your carry-on—look up the policies for your route/airline. Packing Checklist Make a packing list of everything you [...]

Location Independent Connections

If you are location independent, a digital nomad, or work remotely…we want to hear from you! Creative Travel Connections is about connection. We strive to support individuals who are living a location independent lifestyle. What we offer you… Coaching. We’re here to help you meet your goals, work through ideas, and provide research-based tools to ensure success. Get 20% off your first package with promo code [...]

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