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Creative Travel Connections Coaching and Guides

Travel Coaching

Take Your Remote Work on the Road and Be Transformed Through a Lifestyle of Travel

Are you ready to travel full-time while still having a career? Meeting with a coach is an excellent way to guide the process. From overcoming roadblocks to finding remote work and planning your first trip, I (Julie) can help you make your dream a reality.

Coaching Packages

Choose from one of three coaching packages. You’ll be guided through a key topic each session. And your package will be customized for your unique journey. You’ll receive support and resources to set you up for success in a lifestyle of travel.

The Cultivator
4 weeks


  • 4 one-hour virtual sessions
  • Unlimited email support for four weeks
  • PDF workbook
  • Resources

The Curious Traveler
6 weeks


  • 6 one-hour virtual sessions
  • Unlimited email support for six weeks
  • PDF workbook
  • Resources
  • Packing Lists

Best Option

The Creative Traveler
8 weeks


  • 4 one-hour virtual sessions before you depart for travel
  • 4 one-hour virtual sessions during the first four weeks of your travel
  • Unlimited email support for eight weeks
  • PDF workbook
  • Resources
  • Packing Lists
  • Two years of unlimited access to the online community ($600 value)

The Cultivator: 4 weeks

The Cultivator package focuses on a significant topic in each session, and each will be customized for your unique situation. We’ll start by exploring the travel lifestyle and how you see yourself fitting into it. And we’ll discuss income while traveling, addressing fears, roadblocks, and more. 

Other topics will include choosing where to travel and your mode of travel, how to manage work on the road, finding remote work, and prepping for your first trip.

cultivate your curiosity with travel coaching

The Curious Traveler: 6 weeks

The Curious Traveler package is customized for your situation and includes focused topics in each session. We’ll discuss the traveler’s lifestyle and address any roadblocks or anxiety you may have.

Our focus after the first few sessions will be on mindset preparation. We’ll look at budget planning, what needs to happen before you leave, preparing your friends and family, and more. I’ll also guide you on planning your first trip and how to use travel for personal and professional growth.

The Curious Traveler

The Creative Traveler: 8 weeks

The Creative Traveler is a comprehensive coaching package for individuals within reach of their departure date. It includes four sessions before you depart for travel to help prep, including all of the important topics from The Curious Traveler package. 

You’ll also receive four sessions during your first four weeks of travel. We’ll debrief week one to determine what’s working well and what’s been challenging. Other topics include work-life balance, budgeting wisely, setting a pace, and more.

In addition, the Creative Traveler package gives you access to the Creative Travel Connections’ online community. It connects you with other people traveling, working remotely, and changing their lifestyles to live freely and purposefully. And new resources are provided to the online community first.   

Travel Has Health Benefits

Additional Travel Coaching Sessions

Travel coaching sessions outside of the package rates are $125 per hour. An individual session can be helpful if you have a specific question or topic to work through.