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Cultivate Your Curiosity

Take the Leap Into a Lifestyle of Travel

Let’s talk about that nine-to-five job. It’s so stable and secure, isn’t it? Sure. But is that what you truly want in life?

Imagine how different life would be if you could travel on your schedule, earn an income, and live an adventurous lifestyle. Guess what? You don’t have to be independently wealthy to do so.

Enter: Creative Travel Connections

It’s here where you can take the leap into a lifestyle of travel and start a new phase of your career while simultaneously soaking up experiences in all corners of the globe.

Ready to engineer your life for more adventure? Join me.

Creative Travel Coaching

A Lifestyle of Travel Can Transform

Picture yourself sightseeing in Greece after a morning of rewarding work at your rental apartment. Your afternoon is filled with culture and adventure. And in the evening, you can slow down and reflect because you’re not in a hurry to pack all the sights into a one-week vacation.

Remote Work Travel

Or imagine traveling down the Pacific Coast of North America in a campervan. You stop at beautiful vistas to work in your office on wheels for the day, with million-dollar views. And your breaks throughout the day consist of walks down the beach while spotting whales and dolphins with your binoculars. 

Cultivating your curiosity through travel is transformative. It can renew your mind, body, and soul.  

Are You Ready to Cultivate Your Curiosity with Full or Part-Time Travel? 

The lifestyle is possible! 

I regularly talk with people looking for a career change or to take their work remotely so they can see more of the world. One of my first questions is, “When will you take the leap?” And their answer typically equates to a fear of the unknown or an anxiety holding them back. 

Creative Travel Coaching

I understand. I’ve been there. 

My name is Julie, and I’ve been working remotely for more than 15 years and traveling full-time for over six years. I’ve traveled around the world, lived in Greece for 13 months, SE Asia for five months, and traveled North America in an RV for five years. 

I’ve never felt more grateful and alive than I do when I’m traveling and doing life on my terms. I’m working to live instead of burning out to fulfill someone else’s dream. And I’m living purposefully instead of mundanely. 

I love helping others discover more fulfillment in their life and work. That’s what Creative Travel Connections is all about.

We all have unique careers, travel goals, and life circumstances. So whether you’re trying to figure out if a traveler’s lifestyle is right for you or you’re ready to take the plunge, there’s something here for you.

By moving to a new stage in your career with travel at the forefront, you can expand your perspectives and dreams beyond your wildest imagination. I’m here to guide you as you cultivate your curiosity. 

How Can I Earn an Income and Travel? 

There are many ways you can earn an income while traveling. The most common methods are to shift your current job to remote work, start a business that allows you to work from anywhere, freelance, or get a new remote position. 

Others get a job wherever they’re traveling. For example, there are seasonal positions where you can work for a few months. You could work at a national park or as a tour guide. If a computer-based career isn’t your thing, consider your skills and think creatively. The possibilities are endless.

Means of travel also vary. For example, you may want to travel to a new country every month, or perhaps you’re interested in exploring one country while living in an RV. If you’re unsure how you want to travel, I can help you explore options. And we’ll look at how your personality might align with certain types of travel. 

How Do I Get Started?

Great question! Whether you’re packed and ready to go or unsure how to take the first step, I’ll be here to help bring you beyond the starting line. 

I offer individual coaching and group cohorts. Coaching sessions are designed around specific topics but customized to your unique situation and journey. Cohorts are group sessions that foster community building and a focus on relevant topics and goals.

Travel coaching and cohorts include virtual video calls, workbooks, resources, regular email support with me in between sessions, and access to our online community.

Coaching is for individuals who want a lifestyle of travel. Packages are available for four to eight-week individual sessions.

Cohorts are virtual group gatherings for those who want a lifestyle of travel or already took the leap and are looking for a group of like-minded individuals.

Take the leap today!