Travel Photography: Discover

Oxford Street in London | © Wandering Shradda

Travel Photography – Part II

Shradda, a fellow traveler, inspires with her travel photography. I’m happy to introduce you to her creativity in this second post featuring travel photography.

What travel means to Shradda…

Travel makes me happy. What I love most is the unpredictable nature of travel and going into an unfamiliar surrounding. It’s a surreal thing to be dropped into an entirely new setting. With travel, you become immersed in a world that is not new, but completely different to yours. A world that is completely unexplored. You don’t know the best place for breakfast or coffee shop with the best latte skills, but you want to find out. And when you do, you get to experience that pure joy of discovery.


Travel photography can inspire one to discover new places and cultures. These inspiring photographs were taken by Shradda on safari in Uganda…

travel photography

Uganda | © Wandering Shradda

travel photography

Uganda | © Wandering Shradda

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Travel Photography

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