The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 9 – Travel Safety Tips

The Nomad Narratives Podcast, Episode 9 – Travel Safety Tips

This week, Julie’s talking about some very important travel safety tips, applicable to any emergency that might arise when you’re traveling.

Julie’s travel safety tips:

NOTE: Remember, these travel safety tips are just suggestions and a good rule of thumb when traveling. 

  1. Stay calm

    • Know where the exits are
    • Know the emergency phone service lines
  2. Have a travel-sized First Aid Kit with you at all times

    • Keep it simple – a couple band-aids and some healing ointment
  3. Know how to keep thieves away

    • Keep expensive jewelry and excess electronic devices at home
    • Don’t wear fanny packs or clothing that identifies you as a tourist
  4. Get travel insurance

    • Luggage, medical coverage, delays for lodging, etc.
  5. Let someone know your plans

    • Give a friend your itinerary and/or a copy of your documents (passport, driver’s license)
  6. Don’t worry!


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Travel Safety Tips

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