Transportation Tips

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Add travel apps to your phone and/or tablet before leaving for a trip. The following are some helpful apps:

Airbnb: You can easily contact your Airbnb host through the app or look up lodging options while on the road. Get $40 USD off your first Airbnb booking by clicking here.

Google Maps: Works most places and details out for you bus/metro routes, walking and driving routes.

Grab: Allows you to hire a car and pay via the app or in cash. Grab is typically cheaper than using a taxi.

Parkmobile: If you’re driving in the U.S., this app allows you to pay for parking meters and keep the meter fed from any location.

Units Plus: It has a currency converter as well as a speed, temperature, time, volume, pressure, fuel-mileage, length, and weight converter.

WhatsApp: When traveling outside of your country, this app allows you to text and make calls without being charged international rates.

Your Airline: The airline you’re flying with likely has an app and you can set notifications to ensure you get real time flight delays or changes.


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Low Cost Flights



I’ve been told finding low cost flights is a rare skill I have. I’ll take that as a compliment and share some of my secrets with you!

3 Tips for Finding Low Cost Flights…

1. One-Way Flights: Believe it or not, it’s possible to keep your budget down by booking one-way tickets. Particularly if you are willing to endure a couple more layovers/transfers, this is an option to consider. I recently flew from GRR (Grand Rapids, Michigan–small midwest U.S. airport) to PEN (Penang, Malaysia) for USD $550 one-way. A round-trip ticket on the same route is currently going for USD $1300-2200 in coach.

How can you do this? Simple… Use Google Flights as a starting place. This tool allows you to search flights on a map. Do this to get an idea of prices and then check airline and third-party booking sites. Just be sure to watch your baggage allowances and potential fees, as they differ across airlines and domestic versus international routes.

Here’s what I did to get from GRR to PEN… I plugged the route into Google Flights, and then back tracked looking around the globe for cheaper options from GRR. I also rotated between round-trip and one-way to see the price differences. I soon found a flight from GRR to SFO (San Francisco) for $180 one-way. Knowing that SFO is a major gateway to Asia from the U.S., I plugged in SFO to PEN and found a one-way flight for $370–leaving 3 hours after the flight from GRR, which gave me plenty of time to pick up my luggage and check-in at the international terminal. While this meant four short layovers for me, the total travel time was almost the same as traveling on one ticket with three layovers.

2. Use Budget Airlines In-Country: If you’re traveling within Europe or Asia, use budget airlines such as EasyJet, AirAsia, etc. I use them all the time. While you need to factor in baggage fees for most, it is possible to find deals that include at least one checked bag. But even with baggage fees you will still find better fares than with major carriers.

And if your departure city or destination doesn’t have a major airport hub, fly on a budget airline for one leg of your itinerary for a better overall rate. For example, last year I flew from GRR (Grand Rapids, Michigan) to SIN (Singapore) on a major airline. Then flew from SIN to DPS (Bali, Indonesia) on AirAsia. Doing this, rather than flying round-trip from GRR to DPS, saved me USD $300.

3. Book on Sunday and Stay Over on Saturday: Recent research from Expedia shows that booking on a Sunday will get you the best rates from airlines. They also reported that booking 3 weeks prior to your departure date will get you the best rates, but I would be cautious with that advice depending on how much flexibility you have.

From my experience and observation of flights in 2017, you are likely to still get a better rate on round-trip itineraries if you stay over a Saturday and depart on a Tuesday-Thursday. But given the growth in air travel over the years, finding a cheap flight with a Monday-Saturday itinerary isn’t impossible.