We’re a Travel Agency

We’re a Travel Agency

I’m excited to announce that we’re now a full-service travel agency! After over a year of uncertainty in the travel industry, Creative Travel Connections is back. The world is slowly beginning to open up to travelers, and people are ready to get out there and explore. And I can’t wait to help you experience safe and happy travels.

Keep reading to find out what led to the new services and how you can take advantage of them.

What is a Full-Service Travel Agency?

A full-service travel agency helps you plan a travel itinerary and books the trip for you. Whether you’re a solo traveler or going with a group, we can accommodate you. The types of travel and amenities we offer include hotels, air travel, ground transportation, hotels and other lodging, cruises, VIP packages, tours, travel insurance, and much more.

Why We Became a Travel Agency

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the travel industry took a nosedive. We had to cancel our small group tours to Greece. And the future of Creative Travel Connections became increasingly uncertain. With the world in upheaval, I made the difficult decision to put the business on pause. 

A couple of months ago, travel inquiries started to come in. I realized that a growing number of people are looking for a travel agency to book vacations for them. Rather than planning it themselves, figuring out new health restrictions, and more, travelers are looking for comfort and assurance that their trip will go smoothly.

It quickly became apparent that Creative Travel Connections had the expertise to offer and resources already in place. So fast forward to today, and we’re now a certified travel agency. Ready to help you book travel anywhere in the world.

Destinations of Expertise

While you can book travel with us anywhere globally, we have some particular areas of expertise. We have extensive experience with Europe, SE Asia, North America, and Central America. Making sure itineraries in these and any destination meet your needs and create lasting memories is our top priority.

In addition, I have lived in Greece, SE Asia, and most of my life in North America. My global experience brings a wealth of information and resources to enhance your travels. Going the extra mile is part of Creative Travel Connections’ DNA.

How is CTC Different from Other Travel Agencies?

You might be wondering what sets Creative Travel Connections apart from other travel agencies. Booking a dream trip is only part of our process. We provide resources and guides for travel off-the-beaten-path at your destination. Anyone can be a tourist, but we help you be a traveler.

We provide consultation, so you’re equipped with unique ways to engage with the place and culture you’re visiting. In addition, our blog offers travel tips, news, and stories.

Book a Trip

Ready to plan your next trip? Contact us today, and we’ll get things rolling. There are great travel deals out there right now. And with more countries opening up and loosening restrictions daily, it’s time to dive in. Let’s go!

Looking forward to helping you experience the world,
Julie Slagter, Founder and Lead Travel Agent

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