Why “Connect Trips”?

by Julie Slagter

Humanity fascinates me and I’m always curious to see “what’s around the corner?!”. This feeds into my love of travel. I’m a travel planning geek, often rapidly looking for the next place to visit while I’m on the way home from a trip. But immersing in a different culture and learning from others is what really drives me. Connect trips emerged from my passion for travel and desire to help others experience our world.

People often tell me that they want to go to places like Thailand, but don’t want to plan it and/or go alone. Connect trips give you travel partners and an onsite guide/host. The trips accommodate 8-14 people. This small group size allows for customized group activities. And, for those that need it, there’s also plenty of space for alone-time (or couple-time for those bringing a spouse or partner).

Connect trips provide opportunities to connect with others from around the world, connect with different cultures and places, and connect with activities, cuisines, and more! Join us in 2018!

2019 Connect Trips: Italy and Greece
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When traveling with Creative Travel Connections, everything is taken care of for you. Tours, tickets, awesome choice of restaurants, and there’s always an alternative plan for those that want an option. – Bev (Greece Connect Traveler, July 2017)

Connect Trips

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